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February 15th, 2004

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02:49 pm - My fundrive...
- Dancehall Fever gets off to a good start by making a pledge and helping out on the mikes to keep the energy going. John Smith keeps telling me I must be crazy for doing this but he supports the crazy people like me, y'all.

- Ian & I trying to sing Mack the Knife in German. It was apparently too much for the karoake CD, as it started to skip.

- All of us trying to figure out the meaning of the lyrics to Wooly Bully.

- Ian speculating whatever happened to the deadbeat son of Randy Bachman.

- agliv & I discussing the CKUW Moose-hunting Cap, and how it's useful when mooses wander into raves. We end up getting a pledge.

- "Only on CKUW can you hear the important news about exploding whales" This prompted someone to call in to make a pledge.

- Treating the world to experience of surfing the internet with Art, Kevin D., and Neil the Pirate looking for really gross photos for us to go eeeewwww over. This causes someone else to call in to make a pledge.

"I want people wearing burlap underwear to call in and make a pledge right now" It worked.

- Art & I enacting a little psychodrama with him duct-taped to a chair while Kevin D. and I threatened to use a car battery, unless callers call in with their pledges. It worked too.

- Art: "I want a pair of CKUW Brass Knuckles" Other people feel the same way and call in to make a pledge.

- Jay V. coming in a that point ot do a truly awesome rendition of Takin' Care of Business karoake style.

- "If you're in a tub full of jello right now, you can call and make a pledge right now". Apparently, someone was.

- Jay V. and Kevin D. discovering that they actually have good on-air chemistry together and proceeded to do my show as I take pledges over the phone and UBCLTF yells like a moronic jackass in the background.

- It apparently sounds fun enough for total strangers to call in asking if they could come on down to join the party. I politley refuse them.

- Jay treats us to his personal renditions of New York New York, Stangers in and California Dreamin'.

- I forcibly escort UBCLTF into the studio and tell him to shut the fuck up and make some noise.

- Jay V. does personalized karoake renditions of YMCA and Kool & The Gang's Celebration for the last two people who called in with thweir pledges.

- UBCLTF performs while I still take pledges

- Behn Adsu, now newly rechristened into Changeling, does a set that sounds like a spaghetti western guitar backed by an army of theremins. Much grooving to it followed.

- "Please peldge now, so we can finally see an end to 70s wood panelling"

- One final pledge in the last 5 minutes of my show brings up the personal total to $450.77 (Curse you for your need for spare change Matt Hannam!), which is officially triple what I raised last year. Not having a fire alarm helped, and it's pretty damn good considering the fact I was fighting St. Valentine's Day. Take that you naked arrow-shooting baby, you.
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